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As humans, we thrive on dreams, goals and expectations, longing so much for breakthroughs towards our direction. We live in confident desires that our big success dreams will manifest one way or the other either by a call-up for a job, a positive turnout of a business deal or even by winning the lottery!

Picture perfect when we think of such huge open doors, it causes so much excitement that we can’t hold it all in. Dreams become more appealing than reality so much so that we don’t want to wake up from it! In any case, such enormous open doors come, but many times, they get blown off because– You have just not done your homework yet!

Whatever happened to the “humble-little-beginnings? Why thirst to hit it big without properly planning for it? Don’t wait for an opportunity to surface before you begin to get ready for it. It will be a point of almost no return. Instead, set yourself up for future open doors with three easy ready-set-go-steps:

  • Learn new skills:

Learning does not begin and end within the fore-walls of educational institutions. Learning is characteristic to our everyday life. When something especially within your field of expertise catches your fancy, find the joy and pleasure in acquiring new knowledge about it even if you don’t plan to make a move soon. When you begin at an early stage to learn what you should know, your aptitudes will develop over the long run and when the opportunity surfaces, you will have something to begin with.

  • Prepare yourself for opportunities:

Setting yourself up in a position that welcomes opportunities requires staying up-to-date of the field you are interested in so that when the opportunities come, you’re in good position to explore them. Basically, I love to write and since I love to write, daily, I remain in constant search of what I can do to become a better writer by writing daily, engaging in writing competitions, applying for writing jobs and doing whatever I can to become a better writer. These are ready possibilities open for me almost at my fingertips which I could easily engage myself with while waiting for that bigger picture. Investing more time on what inspires you will keep you at the top of things and when the time is right, you can begin to slowly and steadily make profits from them.

  • Embrace your long awaited opportunities:

Now you have taken the time and effort to prepare yourself for your long awaited opportunity, when it comes, seize it! Don’t lose an opportunity because of doubts. Giving into doubts will only breed all forms of negativity on your efforts. To take advantage of an opportunity, you have to believe that you’re the best soothed for the job, better than there ever was; better than there ever will be! Because you have fulfilled your homework, it’s time to decide to take that bold step to making your big dreams come true and of course attempting new home works to keep you in the game.



Nonye J. Chidolue

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