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Hello Peregrine reader,

Yesterday, I posted about the #PatriotsForChange Contest QUIZ which was to take place on THE PEREGRINE READS BBM CHANNEL. I want to use this medium to thank the participants and winners of the Quiz. As it promised to be, it was indeed FUN!

Welcome to the end of the second Episode of THE PEREGRINE READS ANNUAL BLOG CONTEST entitled #PatriotsForChange.

As you may already know, Peregrine Reads is a platform that Promotes creativity and passion and we actively achieve this through episodic contest that motivate and encourage creativity in every one of all kinds, ages and skills.

The Peregrine Reads had her Maiden Blog contest on the 14th of December entitled “#12DAYSOFCHRISTMAS POETRYCHALLENGE” and now, the second blog contest which began on the 16th of September entitled “#PATRIOTSFORCHANGE CREATIVITY CONTEST”.

Today, I’m happy to announce to you that the #PATRIOTSFORCHANGE contest birthed to promote patriotism among NIGERIANS in the spirit of NIGERIA’S INDEPENDENCE has now come to a successful end.

Who were the Judges?

There were no Judges for the contest. The contest took a different turn from December’s contest. In the contest, the contestants had their Likes and shares as judges. Basically, the Likes and Shares spoke for itself.

The contest was initially organised to be judged “STRICTLY” by virtue of the most “LIKES” but with E-mail conversations with the contestants, all of the figures on the “SHARE” and “LIKE” buttons on each contestant’s works had to be added altogether as each contestant’s score for a fairer judgement and to enable contestants easily promote their work via all social media platforms.

This was successfully achieved.

Let’s have a look at the TOTAL SCORES of the 13 Contestants for the #PATRIOTSFORCHANGE Creativity Contest who have shown so much enthusiasm in rendering their creativity as tools of patriotism…

Contestant 1- Ayoola Goodness Olanrewaju with “The sound of a needle drop” total of 421 points

Contestant 2-SunsamPaul Egwu with “Save the slum” total of 236 points

Contestant 3- Jennifer Dafwat with “Independence” total of 145 points

Contestant 4- Ogunsanyan Enitan Olalekan with “Here comes” total of 182 points

Contestant 5- Akpevwa Carl Xavier with “On your marks, change!!” total of 159 points

Contestant 6- Obinna Jones with “I wish” total of 132 points

Contestant 7- Oyebo Seun with “Great Egba” total of 179 points

Contestant 8- Oyin Oludipe with “And then, our conscience sector” 250 points

Contestant 9- Modebe Ikechukwu with “We can make it” 154 points

Contestant 10-  Angel Anaecheri Okwuosa with “A Mother’s cries” 135 points

Contestant 11- Lawal Hafeez with “My country-my destiny” 129 points

Contestant 12- Oyeyiola-ourias oyinkansola adesewa with “Nigeria in God’s eye” 368 points

Contestant 13- Omosomisola Oyeshola with “Let my country awake” 137 points


And so, from the above, CLEARLY, OUR WINNERS ARE……..

image (8)

AYOOLA GOODNESS OLANREWAJU as 1st place winner with the cash reward of Ten Thousand Naira (N10,000.00k)


OYINKANSOLA ADESEWA  as 2nd place winner with the cash reward of Five Thousand Naira (N5,000.00k)


OYIN OLUDIPE as 3rd place winner with the cash reward of Three Thousand Naira (N3,000.00k)

And now, before we draw the curtains down, BIG HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS to the ULTIMATE winners of the 2015 #PATRIOTSFORCHANGE CREATIVITY CONTEST. Your works of creativity are the PEAK! (I’ve got an icing topping for your cake. Read below!)


Officially announcing the sponsors of the contest who have voluntarily supported the promotion of creative talents by sponsoring the CASH REWARDS for the contest. A hardcore success platform for success-driven minds. If you’re for the “WIN-WIN”, you should subscribe to the site! Home for ALL THINGS NAIJA! 

Reverend Fr. Jude Ndinechi of st. Paul’s English Community, Benin Republic- a mentor and a great Lover of the Arts!

Here’s appreciating too the pillars of support of the contest who have greatly supported the contest through to its successful end… 

Obinna Mazi, who designed all of the wonderful Pictures for the #Patriotsforchange contest. 

Elsieisy, CEO of (A spontaneous and witty lady!)

And these great leaders Emeka Nobis (Thought Leader) and Dr. Malik Haruna King (Health and sex therapist) who crafted the idea of the contest with me before it came to light and saw it a success even from the inception.

My very special thanks to the wonderful peregrine blog readers who have actively participated in reading, Liking, sharing and supporting the works of the contestants. Thanks for becoming a part of the contest, it wouldn’t have been a success without you.

And now, to the super Amazing 13 Contesting PATRIOTS, I thank each and every one of you for your active participation. The past days, since the start of the contest have been so inspiring! I have totally enjoyed sharing all your beautiful works of creativity .Thanks for participating in this contest and sharing your awesomeness with the world!

About my icing top?

To top the icing on the cake, N, 2.000.000 will each be added to boost the WINNERS’ CASH REWARDS! Hence 1st place win becomes N12.000.00k, 2nd place N7.000.00k and 3rd place N5.000.00k.

Winners are required to send a mail with account details to or (same emails used during submission of entries, please) Congratulations, once more….!



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