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Unbuckle your mind,
Let your heart love freely
Frail though, is the heart,
But love, it’s strength
With each step,
wade through your worries boldly
Aligning your thoughts with reality at all length
Love alone totally found
Abysmal is the abyss of despair
in issues of love
Live a happy life,
with your heart in hopes bound.
Spooning a heart tossed and tempered by troubles
With hopes of faery tales, bright futuristic lies

Love comes fading while hate keeps blooming
Fake elected popular as a new trend
Truth locked behind bars of ignorance
Relationships break and they throw.
This generation has forgotten the glue of love
Fixing all dentures and faults
Without lies and fraud.

What heart can be trusted with love?
When you feel inspiration
Think of it like respiration–just let it flow
don’t stop it you will kill the moment.
With you my love I feel emotions
colliding like meteors of confusion.
Loving you,
vowing to never leave you.
Bound with chains of love to your heart.

Every beat making me wish
I had sooner tuned to this melody of serenity.
Wishing every love was this perfect,
Full of respect without neglect
Giving you no attention doesn’t mean rejection,
You’re my emotions
I’m bound to your heart with chains of love

A battered heart is like in even terrain.
The pure sight of dreadful sorrow,
Commodities mean nothing,
For indescribable feeling is that which cupid holds dear
Priceless and inexpensive is the love of truth
Is that which I seek my heart trembles
when my past passes for tragedies blind my sight,
My future a place where my destiny smiles
To mesmerizing redemption..(I found my real soul mate)

If I don’t give you attention
that doesn’t mean rejection,
its just a reaction;
don’t know how to show my affection.
Baby stay by me,
all this for you I mean come on breathe and
let me feel your breeze.

Relentless heart my darling love is a battle greater than gravity.
It’s not just ups and downs,
It goes deeper than the root of existence
it flows faster than streams of waters
it speaks louder than the universe
Love can be a seed in
my heart the soil of life watered by emotions,
Touch me and I’ll live again let your love
Leach on me and drain me of this loneliness,
Fill me with life to love again

Love is a destination, a journey of a thousand miles.
Every step encounters a new obstacle.
Every step builds us up, every victory rewards us with strength.

To see you everyday is a fuel
For me to race to your heart
To touch you now and then
all my pains will be erased.

Your smile bright my day
The stars in your eyes points the way
My words are a step
to my destination
Your heart right away

Written by:

Sunsampaul Egwu 

(Sunsampaul d’Philosopher)

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