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“Am so glad to be here with you the people of Akala community, my people, on this great day. A day we honour two of your sons Christian and Prince for their unbelievable performance at the just concluded primary school leaving certificate examination. They came out the overall best two students from a community primary school at this year’s Common Entrance Primary School Leaving Certificate Examination. No one thought a remarkable achievement like that  can come out of this slum.  I myself didn’t believe it so I decided to come present them with the scholarship to further their education to any level they want, on behalf of my party and the state  government, and also commissioned this six block primary school building, fully equipped with all the needed facilities that follow it. The secondary school will be completed if you vote for us at the upcoming election. I believe none of you thought we could do this until this day. When we promise we don’t fail. Without further ado, I give you Friday Ani  Primary School.”

Everyone clapped as the state commissioner of education, an indigene of the community cut the red and green ribbon at the entrance  of  primary school named after me.

” Before now, I had  written to you and other well to do sons of the community a number of times I have lost count of. Everyone here will think you truly care as you pretend to do. Two faced idiot. Completing a six block primary school does not make you a hero. Afterall it’s taxpayers money, not from your pocket. I know if you had your way you would have named the school after yourself like other politicians do whenever they complete a project for their community.” I thought to myself as he continue.

“The secondary school will be completed if you vote for my party at the upcoming election. You know we have your interest at heart. No party will serve you better. Be wise. Use your votes well if you want  more from us.”

“Nonsense. I knew I will bring the upcoming election into this. No wonder they left the project until the election drew closer before completing it. Politicians and their useless way of forcing votes from naïve Nigerians.What if his party lose? The Community would be abandoned? This day wasn’t about him anyway. It’s about two parents and their children that believed in me and themselves.”

I said to myself as I watch him take the people of the community around the six block building  and well equipped classrooms promising to bring the best teachers to join me soonest as the headmaster of the school. It was now time for me to give my speech.

“I grew up in this community that has now become a ghetto, slum like the commissioner call it, where all forms of unwholesome activities dominated until this day. I don’t want to blame anybody for that, everyone would expect less of from an abandoned community. The people were just using what they had to get what they want. They had nothing, so they turned to nothing. Thank GOD for today.  My days here was different. It was  glorious and full of Wonderful educational tales. Then, the communities around envied us. Akala  Community was the best education wise. We were the first to embrace  the white man’s educational method of learning in letters and numbers. The development and easy way of going about our everyday activities, alongside the opportunities of travelling abroad to further our studies in the whitemans land it brought, led other communities around to embracing what they had earlier rejected. I was among the beneficiaries. I didn’t return home until my retirement from civil service. I and every indigene of this community that  made it from this community and didn’t give back until this day is to be blame for all you suffered until now. Then, I decided to give back to the community that made me. On returning to my community, I met every thing different from the Akala I knew. I decided to do something about it so I wrote everyone of them I know. Friends, family members, the commisioner here present, and the government but got no reply.  So, I fell back to one of my best quotations”.

“Be the change you want to see in the world”- Mahatma Gandhi

“The quotation behind this great achievement that the whole Akala community gather here today to celebrate. I feel  so honoured the government deem it fit to name this primary school we are commisioning today after me. They have promised to renovate the secondary school as well, I believe they will. This all wouldn’t be possible if two parents in this community didn’t allow me the privilege of using their children to bring this change. Thanks to mrs Omonigho and Mrs Emiko….”

I said, pointing to the parents of the two boys that brought about the government interest in the community I had been  begging for; Christian and Prince,  two bright boys from the slums of Akala.

As a slum, Akala had one major primary and secondary school runned by the State Government where all the children and youths in Akala, struggled to attain their basic and secondary education. Being Ghetto Schools, the State Officials of Education paid little attention to them so the educational facilities and other things put in place to make it a conducive environment for learning,  were left to the fate of the Ghetto people who misused them until the environment became no longer conducive for learning. Pupils had to sit on the floor to learn while smokers pollute the air with the substance they take from the bushes around the school. Rain and sun feast on them through the classrooms bad roof as they learn. Nearby bushes became latrines. Teachers employed abandoned their duties and left the fate of the school to the headmaster. The then headmaster abandoned it to no one as I was told, Leaving the school to crash and be filled with overgrown bushes and trees, until this day.

The secondary school on its part, became the center of cultism and other unwholesome activities that parents began to see education less favourable as their wards who are suppose to learn and get exposure that will help them better their lives, go there to copy habits that endanger and set them against one another. The aftermath, parents withdrew their wards from the schools and engage them in commercial activities through which they contribute to the daily needs of their  families. Those were the challenges before me when I came back to the community after retiring from  civil service. Where would an old man like me that has passed the age that the government certified the proper age to drop from serving the public find the strength to restore the glory I experienced during my days in this community? Those challenges  were  enough to give up on these Ghetto children, I knew. But I choose not to give up. I carried  colourful books from house to house and gather children hawking, showing them beautiful places around the world and life outside the Ghetto. Among those children, two, these two kept my hope alive,…” I said pointing to Christian and Prince.

” Christian and Prince daily, for the zeal they had for a better future outside what people expect from ghetto children, with the help of  their parents, created time to study with me in my house reading  and learning  from books on various subjects. Sometimes, I go to their houses. It took them a while to pick up. Nothing encouraged me more than their zeal and the zeal of their parents to make a difference out of them by believing in me. We started with the local pidgin english, later to english language proper. When I was sure they were ready for  the examination into secondary school, I got forms for them and enrol them for the Primary School Leaving Certificate Examination in the nearby community.

Here we are today, the commissioner of education is here with us in this slum, Akala community, for the first time, commissioning a six block classroom primary school facility and presenting  scholarships to the two brave boys that made this all possible. We can bring about the change we want in the world if we take the steps. Thank you.”

A silence followed. Then, rounds of applauds started by the commissioner of education.


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