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Hello Amazing Peregrine Readers,

Merry Christmas to you, you and you! :)

It’s a beautiful day –A day like no other! It’s a day to be merry, to love and to share. A day to recall the magnitude of God’s love for us by bringing to us the saviour of the world! It’s a day to be thankful for the life that we have been given regardless of our different journeys. It’s a day to delight in the sweet sound of jingle bells and exchange hugs and kisses with our dear ones. Above all IT’S MY BIRTHDAY, and today, I’m thankful for the life of Me!

2014 has been quite a challenging year, counting the months from the start of the year. Yet when I look around and all hope seems lost, I see the wonderful roses God chose to plant around me to beam their beautiful radiance in me for when I feel like I’ve lost my glow. When I thought I had no one else, they have been God’s steady reminder that he’s always with me. And so when I count my blessings, I begin with my ever wonderful and supportive FAMILY!

To think I could have sailed through this year without some golden rays of sunshine would be less gratitude to my maker! When I needed some eye to watch my back lest I fall, some hand to pull me up when I’m about to leap, some shoulder to lean on when my strength failed, some streaks of smile and thunderous laughter and of course, some last pull of my nerve when I could swear I’ve had enough, I was blessed with wonderful FRIENDS!

And could life have been any more worthwhile without that constant push to do better and work hard to thrive in the tall towers of success by journeying on these little beginnings? Could life have emitted hues and beautiful shades of happiness without doing that which you love to do the most? And when you find what you love to do the most, could it have made any sense without –those voices that speak life to you, steering you towards the direction of your goal, those tongues fluent with words of encouragement, those hands that give you some well-done applause and a pat on the back and those eyes that constantly watch you grow and read you even in your state of low and less-than-best? For these purpose, I was blessed with YOU! My wonderful friends, family and ever AMAZING PEREGRINE READERS!

You have been such wonderful family and community of positive friends. I have learned a lot by sharing with you, reading from you, having some insightful conversations with some of you, debating with some of you my readers too who will not fail to lash on me some criticisms of my work, and on other days just getting some positive remarks from you. All of these kind gestures have kept me going! Sincerely, I am grateful for the life of YOU! You have helped me grow. Thank you!

It’s Christmas. Today marks for me the celebration of the birth of Christ and of course the birth of me :). Most importantly, it marks for me one huge swing of a 365 challenging but God-Inspired year to an even more fruitful year! And so I’d share with you what I’ve learned with my passing year–

-Everything is possible when you really try

-You are made of steel. Inside of you lies a reservoir of strength!

-“Life is not fair” but with only wimps and no push, that’s all you’re going to hear…

-Even in the darkest of nights, the morning still comes with rays of hope…

-We are all beautiful! –And God makes no mistakes…

-Exhilarate the passion inside of you; it will take you where you need to be…

-Everyone does matter. We are all the little pieces we need to fix ourselves up…

-When you think all is lost, remember you never paid for your next breathe!

-With hard work and dedication, the sky is only but a footstool…

-Kindness will take you where fame and success won’t…

-As with everything, Put God first.


Thanks for all the wonderful Christmas and Birthday wishes. I love you all from the bottom of my heart! Sending my best Christmas wishes to you and yours! May your home and heart glow with the magic of Christmas.

Happy Holidays!!!

‘Nonye J. Chidolue (@NonyeWrites)

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