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The daily struggle to achieve heights of exploits,
To create an enduring legacy,
In the face of increasingly mountainous odds.
Sometimes one cannot but internally question,
If life is worth all the fuss,
One goes through on a daily, heavy rain or scorching sun.

But when one looks behind and sees,
The innocence of infant eyes gazing up at him.
When one hears the patter of little feet following his,
Assured of being led aright, trust implicit -
Confident that one will always provide for their needs,
One cannot “fall their hand”, you see?

In their lives, one sees the dawn of the future,
In their eyes, one sees the light of hope.
Their innocence speaks of boundless possibilities,
Transformations – to ingots of gold from ordinary stones.
And these visions, they drive home the message,
That one has a duty, and simply CANNOT fail.

So one gets up and bravely faces the hardships of today,
‘Cos one knows it’s all for a reason.
That this painful drudge has a purpose; that it is not for nothing,
The hustle is a seed, a deliberate sacrifice for the harvest season,
An inheritance dutifully kept in waiting,
To provide a better life, for the children that are coming.

God bless the Children.

Written by: Abiodun Awodele (@MASKURAID)

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