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On the 9th day of Christmas, Alex Chornyj brings you:

Daddy, do I have to go to bed?
Do you want Santa to come?
More than anything else
Then scamper under those covers.
Is he as jolly as they say?
I think you can tell
By the jingle of the bells
By lightness that surrounds his spirit.
Please read me the little angel story
The one with the gentleness of a fawn
It makes me warm and fuzzy
So tingly by its tenderness.
Can we leave milk and cookies?
And some raw, fresh carrots?
This will show our gratitude
For the reindeer pulling a sleigh so far.
The earth is so big and round
However do they do this all in one night?
From the twinkle of his nose
To a child’s peaceful innocence.
From the softness of snowflakes
Comes a blanket of serenity
I dream of sugar plum thoughts
Of hugs and kisses I wrote on a card.
I wish I was on this journey
Soon I’ll be on one of my own
As I drift off to sleep
I see myself upon a cloud.
One lit up like a Christmas tree
I know it’s not the gifts
But the love that we share
Which makes this a special moment.
I am a little girl
I believe in what I believe
Because of two sparkly stars
Who cradle me in the chambers of their hearts?
I love by their affections
As this seed was first planted
When I came upon a doorstep
Which has been my happy home throughout all the seasons since?


Alex Chornyj

Contestant #9 Of #12daysofchristmas Poetry Challenge

Goodluck Alex! :)

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