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On the 3rd day of Christmas, Bello Adekunbi brings you:

My infant Soldier,
Where art thou?
Your chubby little fingers
Your infectious wild giggles
Your heavenly smell…
I miss them.

My young Soldier,
Where art thou?
Your merry spirit
Your tango to the Christmas jolly
With pretty lil’ Miss Alice…
I miss them.

My old Soldier,
Where is your smile?
The strength and virility you exude
The scare you put my heart through
The pretty little nothings you bring to me; Sweet Boo
The twinkle in your eyes
With your rich and infectious laughter
Where did they go?

Yuletide draws near,
Mama doesn’t have a tree
Young Alice is down with flu
Chris has joined the Army
Papa, I’m at my wits end,
How’s this Christmas gonna’ be?

I’ve not found love, like you promised me
Life ain’t easy, I can now see…
Dear Christmas,
I’ve waited yearlong for you
Sitting patiently for your crimson hue
Working harder to pay the dues
Yet, you’ve refused to come.

Dear Christmas,
Mama is on bended knees
Christopher has left the Army
Alice has recuperated nicely
Yet, you’ve neglected us

My Dearest Christmas,
I’ve found love
Richard, he is my Beau
I can’t wait to share our love with you
Yet, you seem unperturbed

One Perfect Christmas
Blessed me with a Sentinel Soldier
Yet, took him
Now, I tarry, hoping…
Laying my wish upon a star

Alas! I see your bright light
With all the fancy trimmings and hearty cries
The Carols sung on the streets
The happy faces of my kindred
The merry wishes and bubbly parties,
I’m indeed blessed…

Now I can laugh and be glad
Without any sense of guilt
Cos’ I lay hold of
One Perfect Christmas
–Without you!


Afolakemi Bello Adekunbi (@Tis_MzBella

Contestant #3 Of #12daysofchristmas Poetry Challenge

Goodluck Bello! :)

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