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On the 11th day of Christmas, Kingsley-stevens Obi brings you:

Forget about the sound of the silver bells,
Forget about the big man in the red costume,
Forget about the pine trees and the hollies,
Forget about the candy-striped canes and the plume,
My very own Christmas boasts of none.

1. The Turning
It began with the discovery of self,
The pleasure of pleasing none but me,
Placing my Maker on a forgotten shelf,
Rather than extolling Him above all and me,
For that is the reason for which I was made.

2. Sin
From that moment on,
I drank of the wine of lust, and ate the apple of deceit.
So drunk in lust was I that I was more drawn,
To the abyss of damnation, and at risk of forfeit-
Forfeit of the perfect grace I once had.

3. Sorrow and Misery
A life devoid of grace is a life of sorrow.
Misery has become my cloak, and sorrow my girdle.
I am as one lacerated with a harrow,
My blood spurting in torrents till it curdles.
Nothing else beats living in the grace of my Maker.

4. Lost
Where do I go? I do not know,
But I do know I’m on my way.
Running and running, seeking shade or burrow,
To hide from my Maker, farther away.
Alas! All I see is a wilderness, so where am I?

5. Sinking
You never know the feeling, till you feel it.
The steady drag into the murky depths of Sheol,
Where the seven opposite virtues meet,
Where I am tainted, even down to my soul,
Where the enemy is lord and master over me.

6. Wandering in Darkness
The sun sets within me, and all is but darkness.
I stretch out my hands to feel my way around,
Seeking any remainder of my true essence,
But with each step, I stumble and hit the ground.
Nothing in life beats being in my Maker’s light.

7. Hopelessness
I lay in this dark, peering into the blackness,
And it snares and stares back at me.
Something in its sneer tells me of our oneness,
The darkness and I are bound for eternity,
And any hope I once had at redemption is now lost.

8. Living in the shadows
Resigned to my fate, I embrace the darkness,
Lurking in the shadows like a predator,
Waiting to prey on the innocent and sackless,
That feeling of being powerful and superior.
But hold! Am I really the predator or prey?

9. Total Eclipse
Bloodlust, debauchery and deceit, I’m guilty of them all,
Pride, covetousness and vanity – my forerunners they are.
There is no going back, not now, not at all.
I have no light, I have no star.
I am lost, I am scarlet.

10. A Ray of Light.
But what is that shining afar off?
Mere gazing at its direction sears my eyes.
And by a single ray, the darkness is cast off,
Melting away like fire and ice,
Then I realise darkness has no place before light.

11. The Journey to the Light
And my curiosity gets the better of me.
I follow the direction from whence cometh the light,
Over the mountain, across the sea,
Determined to see how a ray of light,
Could dissipate a blanket of darkness.

12. The Promise
And I arrive at the source of this great light,
A little babe, exuding purity and radiance.
I draw nearer to His power and might,
Shedding my eyes from His resplendence.
And there lay in that cot of hay,
The promise of absolution from all my sins,
The promise of the salvation of all mankind.


Kingsley-stevens Obi

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Goodluck Kingsley! :)

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