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 On the 10th day of Christmas, Adetimilehin Inioluwa brings you:

Choking on chokehold till breath mutes
Hands in the air pleading! Don’t shoot
Shouldn’t this barges of crises
Bring out the love Christ is?

Christ came to set all men free
Maybe the Negro wasn’t by the sea
Or terms and conditions apply
To which colour doesn’t comply

A principality unto principalities
A strong arm unto strongholds
The pains within evil’s thighs
The heel bruising hatred’s head

Promises heralding His coming
To make Gods of the willing
Heaven’s inspired “consipiration”
Hell seethed intervention

Angels chanted songs of freedom
A north star for fireworks
In peasants clothes and manger born
–Was God’s invasion on earth

Born for the Easter, for the death
For the deliverance of all oppressed
Wouldn’t this price be much to pay?
When hades still salaciously smirks

Poor birds bear the spotlight brute of apathy
Even lesser care for unfelt but shared anarchy
This independence lore still will be incomplete
If I still can’t breathe!


Adetimilehin “VicAdex” Inioluwa (@victoradex94)

Contestant #10 Of #12daysofchristmas Poetry Challenge

Goodluck Vicadex! :)

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