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On the 1st day of Christmas, Newton Samson brings you:

What is Christmas?
To Busayo a child at the orphanage?
A time when people remember
To come, bring rice and clothes
The ones they use or eat never
Is it Monday or Tuesday? Just another day.

What is Christmas?
To the poor brother Emeka on the street?
A time to dance and hail the richer
Whether his night food can from there come
Or better still fortune may smile and get rice and beans raw.
Is it Wednesday or Thursday? He doesn’t care.

What is Christmas?
To Hannah the barren wife?
She sees her husband gush on other children
She looks upon the Virgin Mary and say a prayer still
Maybe one day she would her own cuddle
Is it Friday or Saturday? Her teary eyes couldn’t see.

What is Christmas?
To Shade the aging spinster?
She remembers the previous ones
And smiles with bitterness
She stares at her wedding gown
Another Sunday no thanksgiving.

What is Christmas?
To Hannah and Busayo?
One who sought a child adopts another
One who sought love and care found a mother
Two together met at the orphanage
While one sought to do the yearly good.

What is Christmas?
To Emeka and Shade?
She remembers the last one
And cried with joy
A party she was, when she saw a poor man dance
He enters with a smile and their bouncing baby girl.

What is Christmas?
To you and I?
Just one time to do good?
Or a time to take stock?
What is Christmas?
For me?
To give and to give.

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Newton Samson (@Newton_Samson)

Contestant #1 Of #12daysofchristmas Poetry Challenge

Goodluck Samson! :)

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