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I am inspired by anything and everything; by the sound of a moving car, the chirping of birds in the air, the chaos in my head of different thoughts jumbling up together, but most of all by people. A regular exchange of chit-chats and laughs with a buddy can transcend to a storm of thoughts and ideas which is capable of bursting out a bubble of answers to many questions.

It was one of such conversations I had with a comedian friend some time last year. He was getting ready for his show which was to take place later that night. And first thing that came to mind was that if he was probably calling to tap inspiration before his Big show, I would certainly be the wrongest person to call. The art of making jokes which is expected to make a crowd of people laugh, is for me serious hard work. I mean, I must give it to these comedians!

As we spoke, I seized the opportunity to ask how these comedians even come about their jokes. I would never have thought that there was any technical side to creating a joke. One would think the comedy profession threads on the easy side of life and all a comedian has to do is mount the stage, rack his head for a few jokes, make a caricature of himself and the job is ended. I probably always imagined it to be so too. But no!

According to this comedian, after writing his jokes down, he would rehearse in front of the mirror and attempt to amuse himself with his prepared jokes. He says, “the hardest one to convince or impress is yourself. If you win at it, then you’re good to go. If you don’t, then there’s more work to be done”. According to him, if he laughs or as far as finds his joke funny, then he is sure to win his audience but if he is not able to amuse himself, then the joke is a failed one. This is his own creative process. This is what works for him to make his own comedy stand out.

So, these are my thoughts:

Creativity is a process indeed, as with everything in life. Creativity is Genius!

Genius is not just in the doing. You don’t even have to be a genius to achieve anything great. Creatively harnessing your potential in a dynamic and unique way different from the regular, and followed up with passion and commitment, brings out the genius in you and sets you up for greatness.

Creativity is everything. This is evident when we take a close look at the world today. We presently live in an age of creativity and those that thrive successfully on their career paths are those that have mastered how to tap into their creative process to bring out the genius in them.

Creativity is not only for the talented. Ever seen someone widely celebrated for something you know very well you can do much better at? Some of these people are not standing in the hall of talent. They are not even as far as talented. They have simply put together what they know how to do and figured out how to creatively make it stand out. Whilst you have the knowledge/talent, they utilize their own unique creative process.

Creativity is just about connecting things. A whole lot of nonsense put together, and diluted with a creative passion can eventually make sense. Keep thinking. Exploring. Keep trying out new ways and methods of doing things and just when you least expect, you may stumble on that next great world-changing idea that will make all the difference.


“When all think alike, then no one is thinking.”— Walter Lippman

Inspired by conversation with Nigerian Comedian, Olufemi Olusesi (Aboki4Christ)

Chinonye J. Chidolue

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