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Recap of My Cyber Love (Episode I)

And now the conclusive part. Enjoy! 


I had waited all day for his call until the day was almost over. I was sad because he didn’t call as he promised. I became totally dysfunctional and unresponsive to everything around me because I desperately wanted to hear the sound of his voice. It was all happening too fast.

The vacuum in me had started to fill up as I was sure as hell that this was definitely leading somewhere. I was too expectant. Suddenly a text message rolled in “Hello angel, what do you say about dinner tonight”

Oh my! Finally! The beautiful thing was that it was a Friday. I glanced through my closet in search of something elegant to wear until I spotted my pink Christina Milan dress hanging flawlessly on the corner. In excitement, I pulled it out and placed it on my body! It still looked perfect on me since the last I wore it. I bounced so hard on my bed and quickly grabbed my phone “sounds like a plan to me! What’s up your sleeve?”

“Let’s meet at town center 7:30”, he replied almost immediately. I was so overjoyed.

Town center was just 15mins drive from my place. I dashed into the shower and jumped out almost immediately with the savor of my bathe gel oozing all over me. In 20 minutes I had spoiled my face with my lush estee lauder face powder and tweezed my brows perfectly. I hopped into my sexy pink dress and almost emptied my entire glass of cologne on my body. I was set for my dinner date. Breathe in, breathe out! I gasped for breath as I sat behind my steering still working up my face before I drove off.

Getting to town center, everywhere seemed so beautiful! I hadn’t gone on a date for quite a long time, so everything I saw marveled me! Couples walking hand in hand with shopping bags, streetlights on, children with goodies coming out of grocery stores and then he! My Romeo!

He was sat on one of those concrete chairs by the corner of the street with legs crossed and a magazine in his hand. What a gentleman! I thought. He even got here before me. They say the heart recognizes its own. My soul already accepted him. How fast love arrives! In less than 48hours, I was already glowing in Romeo’s love! I admired him a little longer from inside my car, smiling so hard and desperately wanting to be in his arms. He pulled his phone from his pocket and I already knew my phone was going to ring immediately. “Hello angel, are you here yet?”

I got out of the car and waved towards his direction. His smile! It sent shivers down my spine. He walked towards my car and we started off by smiling at each other like little kids. “Selina! I finally get to meet you! Forgive my manners…” he gave me a warm hug that made me want to hang on his shoulders till eternity. I found myself sniffing in so hard from above his shoulder. He smelled so good! The tone of his voice as he mentioned my name got me aroused instantly. It was all so perfect.

We immediately got into my car to talk for a bit and perhaps to decide on where to spend the rest of the night, either eating at one of those luxury eateries glowing on the streets or just maybe his apartment. As he got into my car, his body cologne radiated and lit up the aura between us, pulling us to close proximity. I died of thirst. Lusty thirst.

“Your car is beautiful, very feminine”. “Oh thanks”, I replied. It immediately dawned on me that I was the one on the steering and he on the passenger seat.  “Do you-err-drive? Like, do you have a car”? I asked awkwardly, almost regretting that I asked even before I got a reply.

“Oh, yeah I got a spider but I sent it to the engineers to change the rim from silver to gold for an occasion. I had my friend drop me”, he replied.

The sound of Gold rims and a spider gave my ears an eager twitch. So much class and elegance followed the seconds of silence that came with Romeo’s reply. I was down for him a hundred times over. He kept looking at me and smiling as I drove towards the park. We had decided to have dinner at Griffith’s French cuisine.

It stood in pride, the 6ft. tall building, with its top enamored in the skies with a glowing tablet scribbled on its head “Griffith’s French cuisine, food is art….”. We had arrived.

We were about to relish the beauty of one of the world’s largest eatery endowed with class, poise and style. Popularized by their numerous continental dishes, we were sat on one of the tables on the lovers section and were immediately attended to. In no time, a tablet was presented to us which we hand-ticked our chosen dishes. My date had begun. A row of puddings dessert course were served to us as the main meal was in preparation. For the first time in a long time, I was shy of looking at a man directly in the eyes. There was something about Romeo’s eyes that pierced mine and immediately brought out the kid in me. I shyly took off my eyes every time his jammed with mine. He must have noticed.

“Are you shy?” I burped, forcing out a dry smile. “No! I’m just not yet used to looking at you”. Another awkward reply! I was not getting it with the replies tonight. My mind was too clouded with “Mr handsome’s Handsomeness”.

Noticing that he was noticing me I added, “I mean, this is still like a dream to me” now genuinely laughing to make up for the awkwardness. But no, he was still noticing me! I couldn’t help but notice and that seemed much more awkward. I must have gone into a brief comma when Romeo sat right next to me and placed his soft hands on mine. I felt sexually transmitted shockwaves, which heated up my system.

“You got hair stuck on your lip, can I take it out?” I opened my eyes to find Romeo’s lips on mine.  He got me there! I melted even with the freezing haze the split unit air conditioners emitted. Slowly and passionately, we made out until the clank of glasses and plates on our table distracted us. Our meal was ready.

I had lost appetite for the meal already. I wanted Romeo instead.

Regardless, we began nibbling and munching on our meal now and I felt more relaxed to look at him in the eyes, though coyly. In a couple of minutes, we had begun sipping on drinks as one of the stewards came forward with a wooden box which contained the bill. The football match had begun and he seemed a little distracted now looking at the TV hung on the wall.  I picked the box up and plunged my eyes inside of it. It shone like stacks of diamond pebbles so much that it hurt my eyes. The figures glaring back at me were nothing short of N150, 000.00.  No, it hurt my soul deeply.

I began to feel sorry in advance for the choice of place we chose to go out on a date. At the end of my worry tunnel, there was some relief! It was this little voice that sent me a reminder and it went thus: “Hey, you’re the woman here. Let the man take charge”. I smiled courageously and satisfied once again at the choice of place and moved the wooden box towards Romeo, whose entire attention had now focused on the screen, moving his neck from one position to another.

I poked Romeo softly with the wooden box this time with a much more advanced smile. He caught my attention and my smile too. “Our bill is here” I added quickly so as not to lose his attention again. “Okay”, he replied very confidently, opening the box eagerly. I took my eyes off him immediately still pondering on the ridiculousness of the bill. On a second glance at him, he didn’t shrink or glare at it like I did. In no time, he had begun dipping both hands in his pocket. I heaved a sigh that sounded like my tongue pulling out particles from my teeth.

In turn I began to gaze at the TV even if I’m no fan of football. I was forced to notice Romeo still searching his million sub-pockets in each two pockets of his trouser and jacket. “Is there a problem? Did you lose your wallet”? I asked considerately. He seemed dedicated in his search that he probably didn’t hear me, so I rephrased and repeated my question. “I think so. “Shit! That’s my four bank cards and a ton of dollars gone”.

The relief at the end of my worry tunnel returned to mayhem. I was in dire panic! My just eaten meal stirred grossly in my tummy that I needed a toilet bowl desperately.

“I’m sorry Selina; I’m in great disappointment now at the loss of my wallet. But relax, wait for me here, I’ll just rush off to my friend’s house and pick the cash up. Luckily he stays just down the road. Expect me in less than 5 minutes”, Romeo said as he rubbed my cheeks softly and calmly and dropping a kiss once more on my lips.

“Oh, no problem, just make it quick”. I said with yet another forced smile, trying not to sound worried. He took off hurriedly and convincingly.

And so I waited.

















‘Nonye J. Chidolue (@Nonyewrites)

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