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Recap of DESIRE’S JOURNAL (Episode 1)

And now EP 2….


(Music Playing…)

Headphones plugged icho my money wete colat wete colat before Ï ga enwete alert nwete alert, you’re not even messing with my connect, with my connect…

I couldn’t believe it was Friday and there was no traffic, but fortunately or unfortunately, I wasn’t on my way home yet, I left work early so I could meet my date at his office.

YES! I said date! You see, a girl has to keep trying. But Omo this bus is tight sha, all these market people and their angry faces, but at least I have phyno for company.

Rewind to how I met this guy. You remember the touchy, “you want to show that you are rich” guy? Yeah! As I was leaving my house for the worst date ever, my elder brother was talking to his friend outside the gate, and luckily for me, he had some work to do in his office at ikeja so the nigga said he would drop me, boy, was I happy, we got talking in the car sha, just normal gist– all the “what do you do”, exchanging of numbers, chatting etc…, until he finally asked me on a date. One good turn deserves another, so I said yes. You know the rest!

Back to the present, I get to his office and he’s still working, so he asks me to wait for some minutes for him to round up. He finishes up after about 15mins. Well no qualms.

We drive out and in my mind we were probably going somewhere very nice, if not so serious, at least debonairs, dominos. But, Lo and behold, he takes a turn into one corner. There’s me thinking he was trying to beat traffic until we got to the end of the road and guess what? IT’S A BAR!

Now I am not saying, you can’t chill with your niggas at a bar on a Friday, you know—Nkwobi, catfish peppersoup etc, that might work for you but it doesn’t work for me. Besides, if it’s the first time you are taking a girl out, I think you should put in a little more effort.

He picks a table and we sit, the next thing I know another guy comes to join us. Just when I was going to tell him he couldn’t sit with us, they shook hands. In my head, this just has to be a nightmare! I might have said he invited his friends/colleagues to the date but it dawned on me that I was the one invited to the “Guys Night Out”! Right now, WTF???…!!!

He doesn’t even try to be subtle about the whole thing cos he just keeps talking to his friends HELLO! YOU SHOULD BE TALKING TO ME.

I pick my phone and just start sending messages to myself, I’m weird like that!. The stupid band playing their own cover of Michael Bolton’s Lean on me (on a Friday) won’t just allow me flourish in peace. Just when I managed to succeed at struggling to maintain my balance between the devil and the deep blue sea, our uncle turns and says “I’m sure I’m not the one making you smile”. Like hell you aren’t! God, please help me.

Like it wasn’t bad enough, he now receives a call. You know the way us ladies have superpowers when it comes to detecting the sex of the person on the other end of the line? I was too sure it was a female and possibly another of the “babies”. Now he covers his mouth to talk, SHOOT ME!

Well, looking at my watch and realizing it’s just 8-30, I really cannot be bothered! I tapped him to let him know I’d be leaving now and then he goes  “ah ahn baby I thought you were staying the night” hahahaha WHAT A DREAM? I can’t remember saying that and even if I did it must have been a costly joke!

“Anyway, I really have to leave now, it was nice spending time with you” Meanwhile, the inner me was just singing the whole time, why are you lying?…


DATE 2, 0 – 10…INSERT DATA!!!

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To be continued Next week

Written by :

Okon Bassey

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