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Hello Peregrine readers,

The month of January began the shooting of the #CHILDHERO movie entitled “Children of the streets”, the winning story of the 2015 Peregrine Reads Child Hero short story competition, written by Elemide Benjamin.

As a means of mirroring the lives of the less-privileged children to the eye of the society, the project sought to make a movie from the winning story to foster it’s campaign for the less-privileged children and to expose the alarming rate of danger faced by these children who survive daily from life’s harsh realities as child rape, homelessness, maltreatment, neglect and the endless throbbing list of mind draining misadventures.

Yes, there are several NGO’s in Nigeria tending to their needs, but most of these social responsibilities remain neglected. How about children who live in cold and abusive homes, learning to survive in silence?


The #CHILDHERO project is a Peregrine Reads initiative which sought to use literary creativity as a necessary tool to create a successful campaign for the less-privileged child.

To achieve this, the project encouraged writers of all ages to write a story depicting the sufferings and challenges of the less privileged children in the society, as a means of imprinting the dreams and hopes of every child in the heart of readers, and to awaken the spirit of responsibility from us towards the children who are our hope for a greater tomorrow.

The project broke down into 3-parts which consisted of an online literary short-story contest, a movie, and (on the long run), a street reach out (funfair) for the children, all aimed at re-positioning our minds and focus to the less-privileged children, by putting their interests, attention and needs right at the center of our hearts.

The campaign aimed at giving viewers, readers and children enthusiasts a wider prospect in understanding the dangers of neglecting our collective responsibilities towards children, hence, the need to project the winning story from written form to a theatrical form which could reach out on a wider span to a larger audience.

The #CHILDHERO campaign believes that every child matters because they are each naturally endowed with their own unique impact in the world.

The project is only at its first edition, and with this, we hope to tap into the lives of these children, tell their stories and celebrate them at the #CHILDHERO funfair on the 14th of February in a way that brings them back to the circle and puts a lasting smile on their faces.


“Children of the streets” is the winning story for Peregrine Reads 2015 #CHILDHERO Christmas literary competition.

The “Children of the streets” story did greater justice to our understanding by not only digging into the lives of different child characters, but also, projected them as a kind of case-study which opened up the ugly consequences which child-neglect, maltreatment and the kind, leaves in the lives of children.


The #CHILDHERO project successfully met the completion of its first movie “Children of the streets” on the first week of February and now awaits its first premiering, on the 14th of February, 2016 at the #CHILDHERO Funfair which will bring together different orphanage homes and public schools in a memorable valentine celebration.

The “Children of the streets” short film is a story which would take you into the lives of different unfortunate and desolate children, from one character after another, exposing the various impending concerns for the less-privileged children amongst us– From the ones who learn at a very young age to use their bodies to get what they want, the ones thrown out of the cold arms of homes, to survive in even colder streets, to the ones chased, gagged and bullied into silence…


It’s not just a movie but a street documentary dedicated to children who survive daily on the streets. Little wonder it’s title!


The “Children of the streets” short film, a Peregrine Production is a collaboration with Moc White Images, a team up of literary and theatrical creativity, to foster the campaign for children, especially the less-privileged ones, by using the Child Hero project to address so many existing issues and threats to the lives of children in the society.


The “Children of the streets” short film screenplayed by Chinonye J. Chidolue and produced by Moc Madu features brilliant and talented young and old Nollywood artistes, such as Dayo Davis, Bukky Thomas, Ayoola Dabira, Phillip Francis, Uche Chidolue, Jerry Ileche (Super-star baby), Emeka Darlington, Joseph Momodu, Austin Wealth, Chinonye J. Chidolue and others…

[More Photos from behind the scenes of the making of the #CHILDHERO movie]……

















You are invited for the premiering of the “Children of the streets” movie at the #CHILDHERO Valentine Funfair!!!


DATE & TIME: Sunday, the 14th of February, 2016 (Valentine’s day), from 12 p.m. till evening.

VENUE: Lumen Christi TV, KM 16, Lekki/Epe Exp. Way, Osapa-Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria.

THEME: “Child Hero Funfair/Talent show”

-Target children: ‎200

- Target Guests: 100

Join us as we make valentine’s day a memorable experience for the less-privileged children.


Anticipating your presence at the Funfair!

Countdown: 3 DAYS TO GO!!!!

- Chinonye J. Chidolue

Initiator/Organizer, Child Hero Project.

Enthusiastic about fostering the initiative of contributing to a good cause for children? Why not join the #CHILDHERO movement!

To partner with Peregrine Reads on this initiative or to share your ideas, kindly send a mail to Your suggestions are highly welcome and appreciated!


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