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February 14th has been marked by history as the world’s celebrated “love day”. But what really singles this day out of the many other festive days of celebration? Why is it particularly set aside to celebrate love?

Saint Valentine also known as the saint of love who was a catholic bishop and martyr died on this day not for love but for his Christian faith of healing and helping people get married under the catholic faith. Known for so many attribute to birds, roses, etc. And also patrons to affianced couple, happy marriages and love in the 3rd century. He taught a different way of showing love – to the sick, blind, etc.

However, nowadays, the world has seen a different way of what the saint taught about showing love– not to the sick or the homeless but for a typical example, to the greedy spouse or lover who wants more only for that day.

High manufactures of chocolates are made from the finest cocoa, roses are been plucked, teddy bears are been made just to satisfy our needs for one day. Restaurants and event centers are being sold out, but in reality, what do we need those things for?

Before considering that box of chocolates for a lover, did you have a first thought that little child who hasn’t seen breakfast, lunch or dinner for the day?

Before you sniffing in the sweet scents of bunches of pretty flowers, to decide on which to get for your lover who will eventually dispose it into a flower vase, how about that person in the hospital bed who may need the hopeful scent of the flower to gain some strength to fight on from knowing that he or she is cared for?

And that orphaned girl who has never felt the joy of being in possession of a toy, why not consider her before your girlfriend who may have well over 15 different types of teddies decorated round house and waiting for the 16th to come on Val’s day.

Oh, and throw pillows? Why not throw one to that man who sleeps under the bridge, using a stone as comfort for his head.

ARK (act of random kindness). You may oblige yourself to begin such acts of random kindness to that to that NGO that needs every help and support.

I give my honest commendation to the #CHILDHERO movement pioneered by Miss Chinonye J. Chidolue.


On February 14th, the project has on its focus, a valentine’s day funfair, which is organized for the less-privileged orphaned children and public schools, the valentine affair has been rededicated to celebrating an undying love for the needy children. This is indeed a bold and commendable step!

To you my wonderful readers, let us not relent in the show of love and affection love and affection as ready as it is needed. From that woman that sweeps your compound every morning to support her family, to that beggar that is always at that corner of the street, to that child that don’t know the meaning of love, to the blind at that bus park station, the cripple at the cross over bridge, remember, one ARK (act of random kindness) can put smile on their faces forever.


- Nathan Akatakpo


Enthusiastic about fostering the initiative of contributing to a good cause for children? Why not join the #CHILDHERO movement!

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