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I’m going to introduce our speaker: hero and convener of this program, I call him “Mr. Tough”. His unwavering and never-die-spirit in spite of all odds to be the best of his generation is inspiring and to be adored. When we talk of ICT his name readily comes to mind, and he is no other person than the C.E.O of Lincoln world, the largest producer of computer in the world, I hereby introduce to you Mr. Adebovre Lincoln.

A young man in his forties, handsome and dark with a charming smile, dressed in a tuxedo suit rose hope to take the podium, he coughed, looked to the crown and he beamed with an inspiring smile.

He began: ‘’I’m honored to be with you today and to be the speaker and the convener of this great initiative, it’s organized to better the life of children of this community, I’m happy the M.C called me ‘’Mr tough’’, what lot of people fail to recognize is that; the name is not a joke, it capped the whole of my life; tough, inspiring and quite eventful.

Am not here to give a speech, but to give an account of my little life, especially my travails in this country.

I was born into a family of 4, comprising of my: father, mother, my younger brother and I.

We were so poor to the extent that the villagers refer to us as’’ poverty’’ our situation was so grave, we barely afford to eat a meal a day.

My father was a blacksmith and my mother a fish seller, which is a popular trade in this town being a riverside area, the  proceed both parents make barely feed us.

Tragedy struck the whole village and that became a life changing event for my family, on this fateful day around noon I was barely 9, the village is known to experience oil spillage which kill our fish, and villagers rush there to scoop oil to sell and cook. Suddenly there was a fire outbreak as people where taking the oil,, someone had thrown fire  to the ground of the spillage, my family were killed and so many people in the community lost their life.

Unknown to the community, something I later got wind of the fire was set by some community leaders in conjunction with the king in order to receive large amount as compensation from the government and oil companies.

My people I beg of you if you are still involved in this callous, wicked, barbaric act you should desist from it ‘’he said’’, he coughed and continued.

I was sent by the community head to stay with Dr. white, who happened to be the colonial legal adviser to our community, I was happy as I see it as an opportunity to learn, I’ve always heard of his large collection of books. Unknown to me I was going to dine and wine with the devil, he subjected me to treatment not befitting of a dog.

I was raped repeatedly everyday by this man, made to do dirty jobs and he finally introduced me to the world of drugs, he drugged me so much, my life was turning upside down right in my very eyes. I have no relative or sympathizer to report to.

He began to send me to drug trafficker, I was enjoying my new found life I became accustomed to it, in fact sodomy and drugs became my way of life, I became a real bad boy at 11, the drugs he carried abroad was in conjunction with the kings as the money was used to enrich themselves and better their own lust driven demon residing in their veins.

In one of my trips I was caught and arrested the lawyer and the community denied me, I was said to be a disgrace to the community and was sent to juvenile prison to serve a life time in jail as it was said to be a grievous offence punishable by death, only my age saved me I could have died.

I met another guy in jail who happened to come from the village; he also narrated how he was used by the lawyer and dumped.

I became born again at the juvenile prison; I was rehabilitated by the church who preached to me.

After the sometime I was freed by the government, I began to live at the church, became really devoted and was given a scholarship abroad to study computer science that is how I got to where I am today

In conclusion, the biblical injunction ‘’all things work together for my good’’ is really right. Am here today as an advocate of the masses and to better the life of my community people. Thanks’’

Immediately Lincoln left the stage, the M.C took the mic, gave the closing address and the king was called to take the closing prayers.

The story inspired lot of young ones to become better in their society irrespective of their background.



Good luck Boboye Adeyemi ! :D


Lacked in Freshness!

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Decent attempt. However, the story lacked in freshness.

Story shies away from a good story...

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Some good number of grammatical errors, with the story made in general terms (…do dirty jobs…; …world of drugs…; …drugged me so much…), much of the vividness that ordinarily comes with situational descriptions were lost. Not quite good use of English; made references to some hardly real situations and in fact, the entire story shies away from a good story.

Good storyline!

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Be careful with tenses (looked to the crown vs crowd; many people in the community lost their life (lives) etc. Use punctuation marks well, use of full stops in sensitive places. Use of capital letters should be looked into. Good storyline.
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