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Hello Peregrine Readers,

Welcome to the year 2016!!!



It’s been a fascinating journey on the blog in the year 2015. Even with the blog hiatus of earlier last year, safe to say, the end justified the means. Thanks for your constant support, avid readership and participation in all of the blog’s activities; submission of wonderful articles, thought provoking poems, blog contests, interviews and even more to come in the year 2016.

It’s a thing of great joy to begin the first day of the year by announcing to you the winner of the #CHILDHERO short story contest!

The #ChildHero project is a child awareness campaign which began with a short-story contest that kicked off on the blog on the 16th of December, 2015, bringing together the works of 15 contestants who had sent in their short stories to participate in the contest.

The theme of the stories mirrored the ill-fated lives of many children in a bid to expose the dangers and tell the painful stories of the less-privileged of children in our society. It was also a means of imprinting the dreams and hopes of every child in the heart of readers and awakening the spirit of responsibility from us towards the children who are our hopes for a greater tomorrow.

The #CHILDHERO short story contest had on its platform, four judges who critically examined the works of all the contestants to decide whose story merited best to be the winning story which will be filmed for the #CHILDHERO project.

Initially, the winning story was staged to emerge from how much votes each of the contestants could garner on their works but upon the review of the judges, for fairness and establishment of purpose of the contest and to prevent the jeopardy of a great story being overlooked for lack of popularity, the judges decided to pick the best works from their own critical analysis, reviews and scorings. Read more about it here.

From this new turn, 6 shortlisted stories were nominated from the judge’s highest scorings for the #CHILDHERO contest.

If you missed the previous post, meet the 6 shortlisted finalists of the #childhero contest.

After yet another critical assessment of the 6 shortlisted stories by the judges, they had to decide unanimously on one story which without bias deserves to win.

From the judges scoring….

HELPLESS TRANSITION by Adanna Ogbonna came 3rd place

WHEN FATE TURNS THE TABLES by Obiagbaoso Chiamaka came 2nd place


And the winner is…….


ELEMIDE BENJAMIN whose story “CHILDREN OF THE STREET” claimed the “choice of the judges” as the winning story of the 2015 #CHILDHERO short story contest.

Highlight of Benjamin’s story:

“A major part of my problems was being female. Females are object of scorn, shame and ignominy is this part of the world. They are misused, abused or useless. On the other side of the coin too, young boys of the street have a share in the contents of this bowl of sorrow.”

Read Full Story Here.

Congratulations Benjamin! Preparations for the filming of your story has begun! Meanwhile, please send a mail to to claim your gift.

Meet The “First-Runner-Up” Of The #Childhero Short Story Contest:

As stated in previous post, because of the change of the modality of the contest, a recognition as “first runner up” will now be awarded to the contestant whose story had the highest number of vote of comments, and not just hogwash comments but deep and insightful comments. But for a few lapses here and there, this story may have claimed the position of the winning story.

For this reason, the award for the first runner up of the #CHILDHERO short story contest goes to Ifechukwu Odigwe with his wonderful story “THE REJECTED”. Read story here.

The first runner up of the contest will be given the “#ChildHero Writer of the Year” blog recognition and has merited his own category of the blog where his works shall be showcased daily. This merit shall last for the year 2016. Congratulations Ifechukwu Odigwe!

Meet The Best #CHILDHERO twitter supporter:

The recognition of the best #CHILDHERO twitter supporter goes to Agarau Adedayo who creatively and actively spread his tentacles in spurring up the child hero awareness not just on twitter but on other social media platforms. Your “Extra” effort cannot be overlooked! Massive appreciation for supporting the #ChildHero movement. Please send a mail to to claim your gift.

Thanks to other social media supporters of the #ChildHero movement, some of whose names I cannot but mention: Alexander Gee (@NaijaLoverboy), Akatakpo George (@Gakatakpo), and Ayodele Feyisayo (@_pheyi). With the hashtag #Childhero, you would stumble on the above handles multiple times. Thanks an awesome lot! We appreciate you!



Reverend Father Jude Mbonu

Rev Fr. Jude Mbonu is a Catholic Priest and a Barrister who has actively been a leader for youth empowerment and literary creativity. He is the founding head of Catholic Students’ students Association, Benin Republic (CSA), an umbrella body which brings together persons living and schooling in the Republic of Benin under the catholic faith, & The Creative Writers’ Association, under CSA. He has a Bachelors in Philosophy, Urban University, Rome; A bachelor’s in Theology, Rome; M.A (Philosophy), Unizik. LLB and BL; HND Mass Communications and Journalism. Defense of informed and intelligent liberty is his life principle. He also loves sports, music and investment.

“I must acknowledge in the first place the depth of thoughtfulness of the organizer of the contest, Chinonye J. Chidolue, who through the annual Peregrine Reads Christmas contest, used this year’s contest to give the world the opportunity to live this year’s Christmas with the deprived children in mind. This year’s contest entitled #Childhero was really awesome and remarkable! The stories were quite revealing, inspirational and sympathetic. Kudos to all the contestants. In my assessment, apart from considering the literary beauty of each story, I paid attention to the theme that Peregrine Reads had in mind for the contest: Stories that lead to deep sympathy with the sidelined children and motivate one to action against such ill treatment to children. It was hard selecting the best but the winner had an excellent piece of work. I would like to end by thanking the organizer for the opportunity given me to play this role as a judge for the contest. Long live Peregrine Reads!” …


Kelvin Alaneme

Kelvin Alaneme is a Nigerian writer who grew up in Onitsha. He writes fiction, essays and poems. He is the winner of the 2004 NIPOST National Essay Competition and a Chevron scholar, his works have appeared in many online magazines and blogs. He founded Writers’ Club International while at University of Nigeria, Nsukka, with the aim of discovering new literary voices and promoting creative writing. A medical doctor by profession, he is a Resident at the Department of Radiology, Imo State University Teaching Hospital, Orlu and is currently working on his debut novel.

“The competition was a worthy one and I wish to appreciate all those who sent in their stories especially the finalists. Some of the stories showed the abundant potentials of the writers and I would encourage them to take to heart the corrections made by the judges and to keep honing their craft.

I wish to appreciate the organizers of the Competition, Peregrine Reads and its indefatigable CEO, Chinonye J.Chidolue for bringing this beautiful initiative. She is doing quite a lot for literature and discovering new voices and deserves commendation.

I enjoin the Government, Corporate bodies, NGOs to identify with this unique project and use it as a vehicle to transform our society and reduce suffering, especially among children”

FB_IMG_1448467395443 (2)

Nkemjika Christien

Nkemjika Christien is a Christian and the author of the Amazon bestseller poetry collection, Beyond Dialogismos which also won the Speaking Pen Book of the Year award 2014. She’s the co-editor of Treasures of Phronesis poetry anthology. Nkemjika believes in making her world better than she met it, which is why she’s organizing creative writing workshops for secondary school students under the “Beyond Dialogismos” Concept.

“This is a once in a Lifetime opportunity, being part of this event and part of the lives and scripts of these youngsters. It’s been beautiful and though it was a tough contest, life was portrayed in their words and it showed the challenges faced in life.

I want to say congratulations to all who sent in entries at all stages, judges who took time to sieve it and then, the coordinator who took time to invest in these destinies. Let’s see at the top and sail again.”


Note Of Appreciation:

Wow! First of all, Congratulations once again, Elemide Benjamin!

And double congratulations to all the contestants of the 2015 #CHILDHERO short story contest. Your stories are so beautifully woven and have the potential of breaking great grounds for the children. Thank you for choosing to be part of the contest.

When the contest began, it seemed like an impossible task considering the short time frame and pressure that will be faced to create a great story that will represent well the theme of the contest.

The option of moving the contest and repeating the #12daysofchristmas poetry challenge carried on last year seemed more attractive but with constant shove and encouragement from loved ones who loved the #CHILDHERO initiative and saw the impacts even before its advent, the courage to bring it to conception took over.

I appreciate deeply the judges who honored the invitation of becoming judges for the contest. They have supported the #CHILDHERO movement by giving their time, thoughts, and critical analysis on every single story in the contest, ensuring that the best story is given all the recognition and opportunity of being filmed into a movie. My immense gratitude!

My very special thanks and appreciation goes to the blogs that promoted the contest at the call for entry stage…

And the rest I may not have taken note of. Your support is very much appreciated.

Thanks to everyone entirely who have been part of the #CHILDHERO movement from its conception stage till this this very moment, and to Peregrine Reads amazing readers who have supported the contestants all the way, you all make it worth the ride and we still need your support because the #CHILDHERO movement is not yet over!

Yes! We have only rounded off successfully the first stage of the contest.

The next stage of the #CHILDHERO movement is the filming of the winner’s story which is Peregrine Reads Big January Project!

As things unfold, you will not be left behind…

The #CHILDHERO movement hold so much in store that we will all be informed about as we journey on.

The year 2015 could not have been worth the while on Peregrine Reads without you. Thanks for your readership and support!

2016 holds even much more in store for Peregrine Reads ever growing community of enthusiastic readers and writers. We will continue to inspire and to promote creativity, talent and passion.

Have a happy New Year filled with abundance of progress, light and positivity!

Cheers to 2016!

Yours truly,

Chinonye J. Chidolue.

Enthusiastic about fostering the initiative of contributing to a good cause for children? Why not join the #CHILDHERO movement!

To partner with Peregrine Reads on this initiative or to share your ideas, kindly send a mail to Your suggestions are highly welcome and appreciated!


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