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Welcome to the 1st annual Peregrine Reads Poetry Contest! Yes, we have a winner!

Happy New Year Peregrines!

Glad to begin the first day of the year by announcing to you the winner of our 2014 poetry contest!

The 14th of December, 2014 unlocked our maiden edition of The Peregrine Reads Annual Online Poetry Challenge entitled THE #12DAYSOFCHRISTMAS.

The purpose of the contest was to celebrate the season of Christmas by appreciating the beauty of poetry and increasing its awareness too. The contest successfully brought together twelve (12) works of different contestants from all over the globe –rich in poetic diversity, and unique structures, styles, tones, lengths, themes and painted imageries.

Poems are perceived in different ways by different people. Whatever form a poem takes; it comes with some air that appeals to someone out there. All 12 poems have explored and conveyed different expressions and feelings of Christmas and the poets have beautifully stimulated our imaginations with the different scenes they have been able to create.

Well, you have long waited to know who the winner of the contest is. The wait is over!!!

I’m happy to announce to you the winner of the 2014 Peregrine Reads #12daysofChristmas Poetry Challenge….

The winner is………

ABIODUN AWODELE @Maskuraid #Contesnant 2! with 77%

Recap of Abiodun’s Poem:

Thanks to you all who participated in making the contest a successful one. We appreciate you!

Cumulation of contestant’s Scores based on the Judge’s marks and the general social network performance of their poems-

Contestant 1– Newton Samson – What Is Christmas? (60%)
Contestant 2– Abiodun Awodele– Healing Magic (77%)
Contestant 3– Adekunbi Bello– One Perfect Christmas (62%)
Contestant 4– Okon Bassey– My Love (42%)
Contestant 5– Chisom Xavier Ajufo– Christmas Cheer (53%)
Contestant 6– Adetoyese Odekunbi– The Ideal Christmas (34%)
Contestant 7– Jane Karina– Something About Winter (35%)
Contestant 8– Angelbert Chikere– On This Night (66%)
Contestant 9– Alex ChornyJ– Peaceful Innocence (45%)
Contestant 10– Adetimilehin Vicadex Inioluwa– Incomplete (47%)
Contestant 11– Kingsley-stevens Obi– My Very Own Christmas Promise (50%)
Contestant 12–Madu Moc– Hope Of The Season (43%)

Here’s what the judges have to say about their favourite poems!


LUCIANO UCHENNA UZUEGBU…is the Senior Programme Officer of the Ben Enwonwu Foundation. He holds a BA in English Language from Abia State University. His functions include the planning and organizing of annual lectures, various symposia and art exhibitions. He is also in charge of press and publicity.

“Given the subjective nature of Poetry, it is difficult to determine the best poem from a lot without a set rule to guide the assessment and restore the much needed objectivity.

Here, poets have been judged by two major criteria:
1. Their creative use of expressions, including imagery to bear out the theme – the significance of Christmas.
2. The structural arrangement of the lines of poems. In this, we are confronted by two main possibilities:
a) Poems being consigned to exigencies of metre, rhyme and classical structuring etc
b) Some being rendered in free verses. However, each is judged by its own merits, noting the fluidity and effectiveness in the overall structure.

However, in all, Kingsley-stevens Obi, contestant 11 stole my heart with his “My very own Christmas Promise” by actively rendering on man’s illusive thoughts about Christmas, and playing the misguided mankind. Even though the poem is reasonably lengthy, he never bores the reader with straying lines; and with seemingly measured and yet irregular stanzas, everything seems to sufficiently paint a picture of man’s greed, selfishness, lust and immorality as vices undermining the significance of Christmas.

Essentially, the poet did not abandon us in this hopelessness, but offers a ray of hope peering through the ordeal of man’s misery of sin and downfall. This is otherwise called self-realization, which is aptly garbed in the imagery of the newly born Messiah, man’s ultimate path to salvation.

I congratulate the poet for his wit and freedom which accepts a detour rather than a more direct and expected approach to the theme in question both in ideas and structural composition…”


EMEKA NOBIS… is a gifted writer and public speaker. Having trained as a Mechanical Engineer, he discovered his passion for thought leadership having worked for 5 years in a multinational company. Having founded his company, Profound Impacts International, in 2011, Emeka writes and speaks on organisational and thought leadership, purpose discovery, relationships and spirituality. He uses social media extensively to share his messages. Follow him on twitter @iamemekanobis and Facebook :

“Poem 1 “What Is Christmas” got my heart! It explored the spiritual dimension of Christmas – of helplessness and received help, of lost hope feeling alive, of wilted destiny receiving the freshness of renewed visions.

The preceding verse explores the futility of human frailty – as experienced by the subjects Shade, Busayo, Emeka etc – to grip the vivacity of the season. But on such a day, the darkness over them shifts as shafts of hope, joy and strength stream into their lives.

The last stanza captures the essence of Christmas – a time to give and give – just as the coming of Jesus Christ gave us new life, renewed hopes, lighted up our faces, gave us freedom and the newness of strength.


NOEL IHEBUZOR…. is a development consultant with many years of working experience in Africa. He dabbles into literary criticism, tries his hands at poetry and sees himself as a learner poet. He is a grandfather. Twitter: @Naitwt

“My best is Poem 8!- “On This Night” -rich in contrasts, sounds and meanings. It’s a beautiful poem that exploits contrasts. Simple yet rich in movement and moving eloquence. Great poem!”

Note Of Appreciation:

My utmost appreciation goes to the Judges who have all shown their keen interest in promoting creativity among talented minds. They have been strong pillars towards the progress and continuity of the contest up until the end of it. I’m entirely grateful!

My love and appreciation goes to my family especially my mother who is my No.1 reader and strongest pillar of support. She has been so curious to know who the winner. We finally have one! Only that her favourite contestant didn’t win. ha! sorry Mum :)

My very special thanks and appreciation goes to my big sister who has supported all the way through and most especially, was there at the birthing of the idea of this contest. Well we had a laugh over it, made jokes of it but in the end we made it a reality!

Thanks to my wonderful and inspirational friend and sister Sharon Ehis who actively helped in the making of the short clip of the poem for your enjoyment. Guess what? She’s a fearless writer too! Check her out at

I sincerely appreciate you my wonderful readers and friends who have spent time even out of no time to see to the success of this contest and the blog as a whole! Thanks dearly. It’s you who make it work for us all and your positive attitude has had a massive influence on the progress of this blog and our lives. Thank You! and I really appreciate your support.

To the contestants, it’s been so much fun sharing all your beautiful works of creativity on these 12 days! You all are great poets and you have really done a great Job! Thanks for participating in this contest. It has made all the difference as our 1st annual poetry contest. Looking forward to sharing more of your creative works in the future.

Pictures of winner’s gift presentation with the judges will be coming your way soon!!

I’m entirely grateful for experiencing the new year with you all. I wish us all a Happy New Year with abundance of progress, light and positivity!

Cheers to 2015! Lets do this again :) ….

–‘Nonye J. Chidolue (@NonyeWrites)

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