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In the DARK WATERS of the beginning
light blue-white brush bristles
painting brightness on the sky face
translating in the lens of young and Methuselah
the eager sight of sunbeam crawl
the patient trudges on west orangery walk
hanging dry skin on winged pupil
bursting lose wet skin on frolic eyes
loosing bloom hand of silhouette thickness
laying gloom on dusk-end face
before the shrouded blue-dark dress of evening
where the shadows lie on nothingness path.



Bolaji Akinwande Akintola, is a budding Nigerian poet who strives to be dynamic through his works. His poems ‘Liability Company’, ‘Mwalimu’, ‘Omi-Iro’ have been published by Museguide, Tuck Magazine, ARTmostterrific respectively. He is enthusiastic about becoming successful with his literary career.

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