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Happy Positive 2015!

The enthusiastic gust of the brand new year is still speckled on our skins, the weather is still very much bright and signs from every corner tell of everything positive!

With over 24 million searches of “New year resolution” on the web, there’s been so much buzz about the New Year’s resolution, changes, to-do’s, goals and the likes. –Chances are you made one too!

It’s the 5th day of 2014, how exciting! How about your New Year resolutions? Still rolling or already crumbling?

New Year resolutions have over the years become a kind of fad that gives people an opportunity to mirror their attitudes of the previous year(s) in anticipation of what to kick or keep in the New Year. It’s comes also with a set-reminder for that annual spring-cleaning of circles, personality cleansing, and character sweeping. However, it can be really daunting when these resolutions have been stacked up so neatly and they end up either crumbling down or still neatly stacked and untouched as the days go by –Chances are some of yours have begun to tumble and some, yet untouched. Don’t give up!

It is essential to remember that New Year resolutions will not make you a saint or fasten your process of change. If your New Year resolutions over the years have recorded so much fails and has made you feel so hopeless to the point where you have sworn never to make one again, it’s time to drop the New-Year resolution trend and begin to set small but reasonable goals instead! Placed side-by-side, they could afford the same meanings but the latter could sustain you throughout the year than the former.

As you resolve to not make any further resolutions for 2015 but set goals instead, here are 3 powerful follow-up tips to get you started–

1) Set Realistic Goals
You more than anyone else know exactly what you need to kick off, retain or achieve! A lot of life experts are out there ready to shove down your throat what your ideal goal should be for the most successful life. Most times, these goals are larger-than-life-sized and don’t make it past the 3rd month of the year before you lose track of them. The most certain way to fall out of your set-goals is to make them unattainable. Start small!
It’s not about what they think you ought to do but what you really need to do! If it’s to quit smoking, deprive yourself of the puffs and take it a step at a time!

2) Be consistent
Newly set-goals come with a torrent of enthusiasm and powered up motivation on the get-go but it doesn’t get half-way with the same verve! Motivation spurts out so much energy but it needs to be constantly energised to keep you on the move. Here, consistency matters! Decide for yourself to keep track of your goals for the year by thinking positive and constantly reminding yourself of why you set such goals in the first place. This will surely keep you going!

3) When you succeed, set new goals and when you fail, start again!
If by the 2nd or 3rd month of the year you find yourself ahead of your game, congrats! –game on! And if you have run out of track with your goals, don’t beat yourself up! –start over again!
Remember, the goals are for no-one else but you so it’s no competition. Obsessing over a couple of month’s achievements or failures will surely make you slip. No one promised it would be that easy to keep up with set achievements. Re-kindle the constant reminder that it’s for your own personal progress by doing the best you can each day, and taking it a step at a time. This will keep you motivated all through the year and help you achieve your goals!

Whatever your goal, resolve to follow through! I hope the rest of your 360 days remain goal- oriented and successful!

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2015 goals? – I’ve resolved to read more books this year and to share more inspirational stuff with you here at!
What are yours? Don’t forget to share them in the comments section below. Let’s motivate each other! :)

Written By: ‘Nonye J. Chidolue (@NonyeWrites)

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