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I always thought I had it figured out- The fly guy with much swag, always a step ahead! The one constantly in a dilemma to always want to be the head, over thinking every situation even when they are just random coincidence! Now, very wrong choice I have made seems like a debt I can never pay!

Frustration Has taken me deeper down a dark road of depression, always in constant tension! My mind a place of confusion, thinking straight is impossible. It feels like I’m in a crazy maze! I find myself in constant need of attention! Not getting it leaves me in a more deeper depression…

The future does not look bright too many wrong decision, wondering if I would ever get it right, tired of this fight! Thinking I might just quit..they say there’s always light at the end of the tunnel, but it seems have been walking in this endless dark tunnel is either that or my sight are permanently dark!! I have nightmares during the day, I find it hard to sleep at night. Insomnia my new bestfriend. Over thinking, my new side chick. My heart is always racing….*Deep Sigh* I need help!!

The mission is to snap out of this mental regression but then again, it feels like mission impossible. Even tom cruise can’t save me! Ghost protocol activated…

Learn to wear your shame they said (it only makes you stronger) but stronger is no longer in my vocabulary. My spirit has been crushed and I feel weak inside!

Who ever thought a time would come when all I ever feel is ALONE?

Written by:

Emmanuel Enendu

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