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Hundreds or thousands of people are capable of mentioning the names of successful people who thrived in days of difficulties, failure, and were tagged as recluse. Yet, we fail to perceive one thing which is their ‘strong will’. Being strong willed is knowing exactly what you want to do and being determined to achieve it, even if other people advise you against it.

Albert Einstein, had the universe against him, his parents and teachers thought he was retarded, but in spite of the pain, shame, crushed confidence and depressed state he stood strong, strengthened his weaknesses, re-channeled his mind in proving the world wrong that he could be better and be the best amongst lot of people. Similar cases with Walt Disney, Isaac Newton, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Akio Morita, the Wright Brothers, Abraham Lincoln and many others. Curious to know their secrets – strong will.

It’s shameful to say this but majority of people most especially, teachers, parents, relatives, religion leaders and bosses believes being strong willed is synonymous to stubbornness and stubbornness is synonymous to witchcraft. Thereby prevents the child /person from fulfilling his/her dreams either being maltreated or left in solitude. Although there are several steps to success, but one is needed adequately, as to be able to withstand blows for it deals with the personality of its bearer. A strong willed child can be curtailed in the right way and supported in actualizing his dreams as that is the only quality that strengthens such child in the days of difficulties.

There are going to be moments of test and trials, things not summing up the way you planned or foresaw it, others begin to doubt the authenticity of the whole system, others begins to doubt selves of not being prepared, or inability to forge ahead or have the impossibility attitude. It’s possible to feel this way, we are human but you mustn’t quit, believe what you have embarked upon is a ‘work-in-progress’ not magic. Hold your ground, refuse to see things with the world’s eyes rather see the situation through your own eyes, for no one can believe in or achieve a dream more than its owner.

Never accept to be called stubborn in a negative way. Guess what, that’s what the whole world truly needs – strong will, someone who can hold fast to what they believe and foresee in spite of the imaginary grenades around. What do you see that can make you to forge ahead?



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