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He stood from a corner, admiring his woman…
blessing God for giving him a girl like paula
a wink and a smile embraced each other
the night felt so cold and yet so tender
seeing things beyond human wonder
Man was made to protect his woman
pleasing her was a form of protection
without the use of a real protection
both hearts would feel the connection
raging legs and sheets in aggression
What more could be more endearing?
than having my woman lying next to me
as i dance to the rhythm of her heartbeat
side to side pushing up her buttons…
my heart raced as my grew thick
Hol’ up, I needa go get my chick!

Paula sat up in bed checking out her gifts. It was the night of her birthday. Everyone had left happily drunk. The house was now empty with just her and her sweetheart. “Why you standing over there baby, come over here…she said, patting the bed and grinning hard. Your so amazing! I cant thank you enough, tonight wouldn’t have been this perfect without you. Thanks for the car, gifts, serenades, everything!” 

He leaned on the wall and smiled, shoving his hands in his pocket…“No, thanks for adding yet another memory to my life”. He sat next to her and grabbed her, snogging on the bed and making out. Pausing for a bit, he turned off the switch. “You know, I have yet another gift for you….”  What?? she whispered…

He slowly undressed his lady…
slit err linen, smoldering every inch of her body
her thighs surged deeper and he pushed harder
the smell of seduction seductively wandered
dotting her belly with tiny drops of chills
tongues filled with venom released a sexual beast
another beautiful Eden, a garden of their own
she offered “fruits” again, impossible to refuse
two ripe oranges and one sweet cherry
in return, he offered a little candle
to light up her soul and make her spirit merry
two souls in love setting out on a mission
two different worlds in it’s nudest collision
he took a suck from one of his orange
too irresistible, he bit the stem so hard
his lady, oh! his lady gave a loud cry
protecting his pillar with desperate legs
he seized both oranges and sucked it all up
eating up her cherry, sweet and freshly plucked
a hungry kid, a hungry kid he was!
he nailed his hands on hers in sweet agony
pulling forth his candle to warm up his lady
it set her soul on fire, triggered a lust for desire
a gem yet to discover, the journey wasn’t over
he had more work to do, dig up her earth crust
and with each cry, he deepened down his thrust
man was cursed to toil, to sweat for everything
and of course he toiled, relentlessly digging
his lady was his companion, searching for her canyon
the spot of sweet nothings that floods a large stream
his candle kept burning, flames of emotions powered
oh! oh! she screamed, don’t you dare retire!
the night was set ablaze, two souls lost in desire
screaming for a rescue from this mortal flesh
the clock kept ticking, alas! a stream flooded!
his candle waxed a fountain, she gushed an ocean crest
man was made from dust, out of dust he came
what gift of God to man…
that a man should uncover his woman
an act to respect, appreciate and never abuse
she smacked her lips and gave an orgasmic cry….

panting hard and gasping for breathe, he pulled her close to him reaching for the covers. This! he replied whispering back in her ear. She smiled under his arm and nudged her eyelids.
“Romance, a long night of romance it was”….
He pecked her on the forehead,
I love you paula!
Happy birthday.

Nonye J. Chidolue (@trendyjulia)

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