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She was a young girl with her heart in her toys
A train tunnel, a teddy and such was her Joy
There was no need to worry, mama told all the story
Of how she prayed to God to save the life of her teddy
And how she treasured it and knew when it was hungry
As funny as it seemed there was an Irony                              
Little as she was she had so much wisdom
Little was her heart but it had so much freedom
She knew that someday there was gonna be a way   
Yeah there was gonna be a way
She was a young girl with the heart of a lion
She had a big heart but she won’t let her feet be tramped on
She had her dreams in her head always ready to deliver
And when you deny her of her right, she would never surrender
She spilled her milk, tore her shirt and broke a bone
Left home with two pair of stockings, whistled back with one
Mama smiled and told on the story
She got herself into so much trouble but she was never sorry
Because she knew there was gonna be a way
Yeah there was gonna be a way    
She was a young girl with a timid heart
She glowed within the walls of her heart like a tinsel
She was her own best friend, what she felt only her could tell
Hardly outspoken but fiercely driven with passion
She smiled and screamed aloud when given some attention
too proud to surrender, that was her truest confession
She had so Much flaws but she knew she was on a Mission
And when she kneels to pray she forgets all the words to say
All she remembers is Thank You lord for the day
Because she knew there was gonna be a way

Yeah there was gonna be a way.  

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