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Hello Wonderful readers,

We are one day away from 2016. It’s been an amazing year so far and even more amazing is ending the year successfully with the #CHILDHERO short story contest.

I’m elated and thankful for the turnout of the contest, and for being able to successively share all the works of the contestants. This has for me the highlight of the month of December, 2015.

With the same measure of gratitude, am happy to remind you that voting for the #CHILDHERO contest comes to an end midnight of today (12:00am).  However, vote of comments, will no longer form part of the decision for the determination of the winning contestant.

Here’s why!

As announced and shared in my previous post on the update of the judge’s decision:

There had been a re-consideration on the modality of the contest in terms of deciding who the winner will be.

Diverting from the initial mode for the contest which vote of comments would determine who the winner will be, the judges have made a critical assessment of the stories based on their own criteria and the scoring on word choice and creative grammatical usage, clarity of thought, creativity and expressions, mastery of language, writing style and ultimately– the judge’s opinion.

This decision of the judges is for fairness and establishment of purpose for the contest. Though, a story may churn with the might of highest “vote of comments”, it may not have what it takes in its entirety to qualify as the best story out of all 15 stories shortlisted for the contest, even if it is a great story or would have been, but for a few touches here and there. To prevent the jeopardy of a poorly constructed story to be tagged as “best” because of voting popularity and for a great story to be overlooked for lack of popularity, the judges have decided to go by their own decision of what’s “best”.

Hence, with the above stated criteria, a winner will emerge and will be announced on the 1st of January, 2016.

Based on the general voting performance of each contestant’s work, there will now be a “first runner up” who will merit an award on the blog with benefits. The first runner up will also be announced on the 1st of January, 2016 alongside the winning merit for the position and the #childhero best twitter supporter.

Further updates on the project will be shared on the blog after the winner has been announced on the 1st of January, 2016.


In the meantime, here’s a peep into the 6 STORIES which were shortlisted by the judges. Our winner will surely emerge from these 6, so anticipate!!!



Ogbonna Ada

Patrick J

Ayoade Sam


Well done and congratulations to the shortlisted contestants whose short stories were nominated for a win on the #CHILDHERO project! These works have been perceived to represent the theme of the contest best for a short film.

Massive congratulations too to all of the contestants for the 2015 #CHILDHERO Thanks for being a part of this year’s Peregrine Reads #CHILDHERO movement. Your stories have contributed to making a positive difference. Thanks for telling a child’s story!


The judges have taken the time to read all of the stories and give reviews on every single story in the contest for the individual benefit of the writer. You can find each contestant’s reviews directly beneath their stories.

Cheers once again to the contestants! Whether or not you make it in the contest, you’re still a winner! We have enjoyed reading from you and we still need you in for the subsequent stage of the #CHILDHERO movement. To join the #CHILDHERO team, please communicate with me via You lent us your pen, now we need your hands!

Thanks again to the readers for being a part of this amazing #CHILDHERO movement. Your readership and support of each contestant’s work are the peak!


Stay Amazing…!  :)



Chinonye J. Chidolue (@NonyeWrites)


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