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Life is similar to a street. There are long and short streets; levelled and lumpy streets, all of which would become our pathways as we go through life. The beauty of watching the years go by is the ability to learn from past mistakes. Yet, some mistakes don’t always come with a learning opportunity and some we don’t even see until it completely ruins us. Here are six simple and common mistakes that will totally screw you up if not closely watched….

1) Choosing to be every other thing but you

The most exhausting thing in life is living life pretending to be what we are not. We try to act like others just to fit in and in the end we can’t make a difference because we have not done anything different! The lasting difference you would have made in later years to come is that in all of your endeavours, you have remained nothing but yourself where others would have rather wanted you to be something else. As loud and daunting as people’s opinions can be, choose you– because we’re all extraordinary and we all make meaningful commitments towards each other in our unique diversities.

2) Being Indecisive
The only bad decision is indecision and a wrong decision is better than indecision. Making decisions are a vital part of living. We live and constantly survive by deciding between two or more choices to determine what’s best for us. Because every made decision has an expectant outcome, we hesitate by choosing to settle or just go for whatever comes. This is the number one reason individuals remain unsuccessful! Sometimes, great results stem from a bad decision and poor results stem from a good decision–but you can never tell if you can’t decide for yourself. The only way to change a situation is to make a decision.

3) Putting others before you
When you put yourself first, you’re seen as selfish, self-centred and uncaring and when you put others before you, you’re seen as thoughtless and stupid. I’d rather say you put yourself first! You will live a sad and unrewarding life when you choose to put yourself last. Putting yourself first means you become your own top priority and your own happiness and success becomes vital. It makes the journey worth the while. If you can’t love you, who will? With all of life’s misconceptions, I dare you to put yourself first! –Because you’re your own first love.

4) Overworking yourself
Commitment to work is good but how much time do you take out to savour the true beauty of life? How adventurous and colourful is your life? Life should be lived actively and not passively. As you work your way into a better phase, remember that life’s not here to stay. Take out time to unwind, explore, spend more time with family and friends, and build lasting memories! By doing so, you will get to know yourself so much better and decide better where your journey leads.

5) Missed Opportunities
“Our lives are defined by opportunities, even the ones we miss” –Eric Roth. Sometimes we are the reasons for our missed opportunities. This is why “what if’s” are more famous than the “how’s”. You will never know if you never try. Opportunities will always come and go but our success and positivity towards achieving anything in life is in daring to try even when the odds are against us.

6) Settling for less than you deserve
When you lower your standards, you settle for mediocrity, and when you live a life of zero standards you become a product of mediocrity itself. It’s pretty easy doing things we’re used to, and when we get too comfortable doing the regular, it becomes hard to tell whether we deserve better or not. When you begin to decide why you have to put up with something against why you should not, then you may be settling–Break away! Know your worth and work with it. Your future self will be thankful for this!

“Everyone makes mistakes. The important thing is to not make the same mistake twice.”
―Stephanie Perkins

Written By:  ‘Nonye J. Chidolue (@NonyeWrites)

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