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After stating the different five love languages, you will quite agree with me that individuals all fall into one of them.

5 Love Languages For Singles (Part 1)

Some might wish love to be expressed in all but no doubt, there’s always one primary love language for a person in which when expressed to the person, such a person will feel on top of the world. It is good as individuals to know how we want to be shown love and we must be ready to study people around us to know what they like and probably get to know their primary love language.

We are going to look into these different love languages one after the other and see how it affects our relationships.

(1) Word of Affirmation.
Most people over the years have been greatly influenced by words. Some words are positive, encouraging, life changing etc, while some tear us apart. We were made to understand that power lies in our tongue and if ‘WORD’ could hold such powers, then it can be understandable to say that words of affirmation is one of the five fundamental language of love.

For some, word of affirmation may be a foreign language to them because of the environment they found themselves, they are not used to positive words, so speaking it to them might be awkward. That is why, we say environment has a long way in building character / person into any behavior either good or bad.

The good news is that, all these love languages can be learned. So, my focus here is on how we can learn and give word of affirmation. For some of us, it is our primary love language while some need to learn it because all of us should be able to speak nice words since everybody enjoy to hear nice words being spoken to them.

How Best Can We Develop This Language?
– Move from negative linguistic environment to a positive speaking environment.
– Start to show love from where you are. Remember the Bible says”Give and it shall be given unto you”. Take action because the choice to love is the choice to take initiative.
– Choose a strategy for loving or expressing love.
– Set a goal of giving a verbal affirmation to someone around you.

We have different words of affirmation that can be said to people such as:
(a) Words of appreciation
(b) Words of encouragement
(c) Words of praise
(d) Kind words

Words can be an outpouring of what is going on in our hearts, if not dealt with, will probably be destructive rather than loving especially when we find ourselves hurt and angry. As individuals, we are not perfect. Therefore, in one way or the other, we might have hurt someone with our words and we cannot erase the past but we try to confess it and admit that it was wrong.We ask for forgiveness and try to act differently in future. Bearing in mind that forgiveness is important, let’s choose it so that reconciliation becomes a possibility.

Many singles mess up their relationship by bringing into today the failures of yesterday which by so doing, they pollute a day that has the potential of being wonderful. The best thing we can do is to let our past failures become history in our lives.

When people wronged us, we should choose to forgive even if or not the person realised the harm he/she has done. We need to release any hurt or anger in us and ask God to take control of the remaining. Choose to love because God is Love and when you do that, you allow yourself to live a life of peace and love with others.

When we choose to love, we must be careful about our choice of words because harsh, condemning words destroy relationships but words of affirmation enhances it.

Remember, love is a choice. Choose to love others!

Researched, compiled and written by: 

Sade Mary-Anne Popoola 

….As culled from Dr Gary Chapman’s 5 Love Languages

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