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They say if something sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t. But in this case, 21-year-old university dropout, Elijah Oyefeso really does earn an absurd amount of money every month, for doing very little work.

Elijah added his name to a long list of university drop outs who have gone on to earn serious money. Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs all dropped out of university to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams and that didn’t turn out too badly….

While studying Elijah Oyefeso started gambling his student loan on the stock exchange and he turned out to be a dab hand at playing the market.

Elijah started studying business management at the University of Buckingham; instead of blowing his student loan on booze and blow he decided to invest it instead. He quickly decided that uni wasn’t for him and began investing in the stock market instead.

According to Oyefeso he was earning tens of thousands of pounds within nine months of leaving uni. Now he only works one hour per day and earns between £30,000 and £80,000 a month. Oyefeso has a number of super cars and his most recent purchase is a £125,00 Mercedes GTS.

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He also rents a seriously expensive flat in the exclusive borough of Kensington. It would be fair to say the Elijah is doing pretty well for himself .

Speaking to FEMAIL, he said:

“On a good month, I earn between £70,000 and £80,000. If you work hard you don’t need to look at the price tag, you just get it.

When you’re little you’ve got your ideal car, you’ve got your dream car. Some kids are like ‘I want to get a Bugatti, I want to get a Ferrari’. Some people are like “yeah yeah.” But I got it.’ That was my dream, I worked for it, I got it.”

Elijah has just built a £76,000 house for his mother in Africa.

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