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On the 15th of April, over 200 girls were kidnapped by the Islamic militant group “Boko Haram” from their school in Chibok, Nigeria. While some managed to escape, 276 are still enslaved by these terrorists. The United States have lent their hands to Nigeria in search of the missing girls while individuals worldwide have shown their solidarity in campaigning for the return of the girls. The tension is high and we hope everyday that they return to us alive. This is another heart-wrecking poem written and dedicated to our missing girls by a concerned Nigerian citizen; James Ademuyiwa JamesConco.

“My heart burns as my urge
To learn becomes Terror’s urge
Though we hope for the rain
But let me write under this reign

To Daddy:
Songs of solidarity we sorrowfully
Sang while we were conveyed
To our destruction, as we helplessly
March to the forest of the dead

I was at the middle of the scene
When thoughts of freedom came
Only to hear we are the victims
Of the sin; my body sweats shame

To Mummy:
Make extinct the pride in me
For my holy of holies has become
Playing ground for sacrilege
So, forget all my regular pledge

We become slaves of bestiality
Animals’ surrogates daily feed us
With their manhood, to make us
Rejoice with rancorous choruses

To my teacher:
Memories of arithmetic has been
Washed by the stripes from these men
Now, four cardinal points you taught
Has become routes to world underneath

Forget not to tell my mother that,
Evolving mountains on my body
The symbol of pride, now supplant
The wicked man’s lovely Armoury

To all and others:
Tell the savior to board a time traveler
That part of our future may be secured
Tell them not to use the four-point compass
But come through the winds of vengeance

This I write from the remnants in our veins
As we patiently wait for the saviour’s reign”

Written By : James Ademuyiwa JamesConco (@Jamesconco) |

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